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Dear Fellow Patriots, 

Thank you for visiting the proud American citizen watchdog page of Neil O'Brien and TheRealPedro.com.  This website was established to educate the public and expose the real anti-American, racist, DREAM ACT poster boy that Pedro Ramirez really is.  After a year-long investigation, this website shares with the students and the nation the facts(as I see them) and the serious questions they raise. These questions left unanswered, would cause anyone to question why Dr. John Welty, the Executive President of CSU Fresno, would ever offer an endorsement to support someone like Pedro, a "self proclaimed illegal alien," who according to his own Myspace page describes Americans as "A**HOLES."  Such extremist, racists viewpoints may be the language of radical hate groups like the Brown Berets, but it has no place on any college campus especially from a student body president. 

Is Pedro really an illegal alien? If so, then it is possible he would be committing a list of felonious crimes with the help of administrators as detailed in our investigation. Or...  Is Pedro legal and LYING about being an illegal alien as a publicity stunt to become a poster child for the DREAM ACT aided and abetted by politician's and University officials? 

I have sent numerous emails, made hundreds of  phone calls including other attempts to inform the ASI student government, The Collegian newspaper, The Fresno Bee, local state and federal law enforcement  agencies, university professors, and executive administrators(including  Dr. Welty & Oliaro) of the issues and possible crimes being committed by Pedro Ramirez and other's complicit in this scheme. Yet, all of my requests for action and justice have fallen on deaf ears.  

Having no other choice, I established this site and resorted to an underground and online grassroots campaign to spread the word and expose the truth. A detailed, non-bias investigation is warranted and I need your help to make it happen. 

Enjoy your visit at www.TheRealPedro.com . 


Neil O'Brien 
Citizen's Advocate & Fresno State Recreation Student


Brief Summary of the Cause 

After finding these words written in Pedro Ramirez's Myspace page and realizing that no official investigation had ever been launched, I decided to conduct my own.  In search of the truth, I stumbled upon relevant information about Pedro Ramirez's controversial ASI presidency.  View the image below. It was cut out directly from Pedro's social networking site(Myspace). 

These statements made by Pedro Ramirez completely contradict his publicized comments he has made via news reports and his DREAM ACT Rally speech on campus(12/19/10).  Pedro states that he "Loves America, Does not want to devalue the meaning of a US citizenship," and that "He is one of us."   Do you believe him? 

This information was presented to Pedro and the senate an ASI meeting held on 12/1/10.  Pedro denied knowledge of this rhetoric when confronted by news reporters. However, the very next morning, I discovered a Google thread that was posted using the same email address Pedro used to establish his illegal PAC where he sought advice on how to remove his cached Google Myspace page from the web. Unfortunately for Pedro, not only did the emails match, but so did the URL that was posted on the thread that attempting to deleted the URL on his Myspace page. ASI was aware of these facts including many others but nothing ever occured to hold him accountable. Pedro was allowed to remain as the student body president at CSU Fresno. Were others complicit? 

There are many contradictions to official "Pedro Ramirez" story told by the media. The information gathered on this site are key relevant discoveries most have never heard or seen before. My reques is simple-- that everyone look at all the evidence before believing the media's story. Look at the facts and judge for yourself. 

Pedro's tweets reveal that he may be participating in behavior that is only reserved for legal individuals.  His Twitter account suggests that he (1.) is driving, (2.) has established and is directing a Political Action Committee (527 Group), (3.) registered voters, (4.) has worked at an elementary school, (5.) has campaigned for politicians, and (6.) has interned for politicians just to name a few.

Beyond these issues, Pedro Ramirez's later showed his true colors. He publicly denied driving illegally shortly before he was involved in single vehicle accident that left him temporarily hospitalized.  Pedro also denied being registered to vote in California when sources from the Fresno Bee and Tulare Registrar of Voters confirm that the alleged illegal alien, Pedro Ramirez, IS registered to vote in Tulare County.

Understand that this is not a race issue. I am an American Citizen born in the USA to legal immigrant parents from Argentina who established residency and then proudly became US citizens themselves.  The issue at hand is that Pedro may have more secrets to expose.  Therefore, if Pedro has has proven himself to be unfit for the position executive power, then it is the obligation of the students to take a stand.  

This website is the voice for the students in opposition and we are making our position known.


Latest Developments

National media continues taking notice of Fresno State's liberal bias and abuses.
Click here to read World Net Daily's editorial column written by John Rocker.


Controversy continues to strike Fresno State!
Click here to read the Fresno Bee article written by Pablo Lopez .
Click here to read the CampusReform.org article by Tim Dionisopoulos.
Click here to read the Collegian article by Mark Smith.

Lawsuit against Fresno State officials makes national headlines!

Click here to read the FoxNews.com article by Maxim Lott.
Click here to read TheBlaze.com article by Erica Ritz. 
Click here to read the KFI AM 640 article.

New: Dec 2nd incident video uploaded.

Lawsuit filed against seven Fresno State officials.
Click here to read and download a copy of the complaint filed with the Superior Court of California.

Video: A Look at Today's Higher Education-- The Reedley College Scandal (re-uploaded)


Reedley College Scandal ROCKS the town of Reedley, California.

This is a must see video!

Citizens of Reedley, California have launched an all-out effort to reconquer their school system after discovering financial aid fraud and learning about the state of their local community college.

Visit the website www.abettercollege.org to learn more.

In celebration of Fresno State's new logo, I have redesigned it and implemented a few changes in order to better demonstrate the culture and atmosphere of the campus. Enjoy!

Today, it was reported that Fresno State has spent fifteen thousand dollars of donor money to decide that the campus name should remain to be called, "Fresno State." Along with this, they have decided to drop the old seal logo that gave the university it's image of prestige and academics to adopt a new logo that resembles a high school. I suspect that this was done in order to meet the community's expectation from the campus and better reflect the real value what a degree from Fresno State is worth.

Click here to read Fresno Bee's article on the new logo.
Click here to read the Collegian article on the new logo. 

Dr. Oliaro's final hearing decision uploaded. 
Click HERE to view and download part 1, click HERE to view part 2

 Neil O'Brien has been inducted into the official "Tough List" 
and honored by Steven David Snyder, and Brandon W. Montgomery from Toughen Up America

Click HERE to read Snyder's letter from Toughen Up America

PRESS RELEASE: Secretary of State Opens Investigation Into Voter Registration 
by Former Illegal Alien CSUF Student Body President Pedro Ramirez.

Click here to view and download the Press Release.

CSU Fresno Judicial Hearing date
*Attorney Brian C. Leighton was denied access to the hearing

Video of May11th incident. 

This video proves the University's judicial case against an American student, Neil O'Brien is baseless and fraudulent. The footage also demonstrates among MANY THINGS that University officials including Carolyn Coon, the Dean of Social Sciences Luz Gonzalez, Chicano Latino Studies Department Chair Victor Torres, and Professor Maria Lopez maliciously lied on police reports and/or CSU Judicial Affairs statements.

Brian C Leighton's second Letter to CSU Fresno responding to Donald Newman's Letter. 
Click here to download in PDF format.

Breaking News!
Fresno Bee, Student Activist to FIGHT Discipline By Fresno State by Heather Somerville. Read Article here.

CSU Fresno Attorney Donald Newman letter. Click here to read his letter.

Clovis attorney BRIAN C. LEIGHTON joins fight against CSU Fresno with student activist, Neil O'Brien.

The offices of Brian C. Leighton has been retained to provide legal counsel as the effort to turn the tide at CSU Fresno continues. Leighton is no stranger to successfully taking down big government as he did in 2009 against the CIA. Brain was recognized for his acheivments in this case when he was awarded the 2011 CLAY LITIGATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD. 

Click here to read about his 2011 CLAY award

Click here to read about a Fresno Bee article about Brian Leighton's victory against the CIA

Read Brian's Leighton's letter to CSU Fresno below, or click here to download and view.

Dr. Carolyn Coon suddenly cancels and postpones August 18th hearing which she scheduled herself citing the absence of a Hearing Officer.

Click here to read Carolyn Coon's letter postponing the August 18th Hearing.

CSU Fresno sets a hearing date and openly anounces among many things, that they will violate the law by denyng the right of due process to an accused student.

Click here to read CSU Fresno's Notice of Hearing letter.

The ACLU declines the opportunity to defend the rights of an American student at CSU Fresno.

Read the email sent to the ACLU by clicking here.

Listen to the ACLU voicemail (7/1/11) response by clicking "play" below.

After approx a month-long delay, TheRealPedro.com is back online and updated. It is my intention to continue reporting on the current state of radical liberalism taking place at FSU. Legal alternatives are currently being explored to defend and counter an assault which has been initiated by individuals representative of the Fresno State campus. These manufactured lies were intended to cause harm and jeopardize my good student status. At a pending judicial hearing, I will given the opportunity to present video footage that exonerates me of these manufactured allegations and charges being leveled against me. This video will be made public once this Judicial hearing is underway for others to judge for themselves. This video will leave the university in the position to explain why such a biased disciplinary case was brought forward against me in the first place and why Carolyn Coon despite not having any evidence recommended that restraining order style sanctions be held against me.

One thing is certain. WE will show them NO MERCY :-)

Received a settlement agreement from CSU Fresno today... The university has once again sided with the pro-radical Chicano sympathy attempting to silence and punish an American student for his opposition and exposure of illegal alien/ leftist political agenda of the university. CSU Fresno has intentionally ignored the fact that this entire fraudulent case against me is built on a foundation of lies.

Click here to read CSU Fresno's settlement agreement. You can bet that, Dr Welty and his administration will be told where they can shove this agreement.

FOIA #9 served on Dr Welty & CSU Fresno

Click here to read my fourth round of FOIA distribution served to CSU Fresno.

Attended judicial conference today, and as anticipated Carolyn Coon will recommend sanctions be held against me despite not having any evidence or substantial proof to validate any of these allegations that are being made by the radicalized Chicano Latino Studies Department. Coon's exact words during this conference, "Obviously something happened." (referring to an alleged incident on May 11th in the Chicano Latino Studies Department)

Click here to read Carolyn Coon's notes from this judicial conference.

The Fresno Bee's Aztlan rag "Vida en el Valle" interviews Pedro Ramirez

New Video Uploaded: Fresno Bee's Aztlan Edition "Vida en el Valle" Interviews a Crash Test Dummy

The FSU Latino Commencement Ceremony website has been updated with the new 2011 graduation photos. After reporting on TheRealPedro.com that the Fresno State CLS department has failed to follow federal US flag code in previous years graduation ceremonies, it appears that this year they decided to abandon their traditional flag backdrop. From what the pictures show, the organizers even neglected to have the US or California state flag on stage throughout the entire ceremony. This is probably because among a crowd of thousands of radical Chicano sympathetic attendees, not one person probably knew how to properly arrange and display the flags. 

Click here to be redirected to the 2011 Latino Commencement Celebration photo gallery site

Below are photos taken from The Fresno Bee's Aztlan sister publication "Vida En El Valle" newspaper. as they covered the 2011 CSU de Aztlan commencement ceremony.

If the LCC is a celebration of multicultural diversity, then why doesn't Dr Welty have enough pride as an American to wear a US sash around his neck?
Here is a picture of Dr. Welty dressed up wishing he were a Mexican.


Here is a picture of Pedro Ramirez wearing his Mexican sash as a necktie even though he states "I love this country (the United States)." 

It is with great sadness to report that Maria Aparecida-Lopes a Chicano Latino Studies professor, and the faculty adviser to La Voz de Aztlan, Victor Torres of CSU Fresno have filed false incident reports with the intention to cause significant harm in retaliation for my investigation and political position which is protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT. The Office of Judicial affairs under direction of Dr Welty, Dr Oliaro, and Carolyn Coon have begun biased and unconstitutional proceedings which have been initiated by lies an effort to demonstrate that they will not tolerate any political perspective that directly conflicts with CSU Fresno's. Rest assured that I will cooperate with the university and fully exonerate myself of these allegations. 

Click here to read the letter from Carolyn Coon and the office of Judicial Affairs.

Professors of the Radicalized Chicano Latino Studies department at CSU Fresno have initiated an offensive aimed to discourage any students from exercising their first amendment right voicing their political opposition to Aztlan and leftist abuse at CSU Fresno. Professors Lopez and Torres of the FSU Chicano Latino Studies department have made false allegations against me aimed to jeopardize my good-student status. What a sad day for American students attending CSU Fresno whom are opposed to Welty's political agenda.

Click here to read Lopez's and Torres's lies and false CLS E-mail complaints sent to Carolyn Coon of the Judicial Affairs office at CSU Fresno.

New File folder created: CSU de Aztlan vs An American Student . Click here to view the folder.

This time it appears to be that CSU Fresno Latino Commencement ceremony has been in violation of US flag code Chapter 4, Title 1 for the last three years since 2010. The US Flag has not been displayed appropriately according to US Flag Code §7.c, §7.e, §7.f, §7.i, and §7.k. 

Below is a photo of last year's 2010 Latino Commencement Ceremony. Notice that the US Flag is (1) NOT elevated, (2) NOT positioned next to the podium, (3) NOT prominently visible, or (3) NOT centered among other flags. This flag arrangement DOES NOT follow federal guidelines found here.

New Folder created: CSU Fresno Latino Commencement ceremony. To view select photos from previous years ceremonies click here.

Today is Graduation Day for Pedro Ramirez and I hope Dr Welty's Chicano Latino Studies department will honorably and appropriately display the US flag at the Aztlan commencement ceremony. 

New Video Upload: Pedro Ramirez Graduates on Your Dime!

Below is a short dialog I had with Pedro Ramirez on a mutual friend's Facebook page as he comments on the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger baby momma scandal. Finally, Pedro speaks up...about Ron Paul? 

Here's a CSU fact you probably didn't know, Fresno Latino Supremacy fact # 53: Did you know that CSU Fresno hosts a SEPARATE Graduation ceremony to accommodate graduates that are truly fearful of  assimilation and celebrating with others outside "La Raza"(The Race). It's true, check it out for yourself. To be redirected to the CSU Fresno Latino Commencement Ceremony site, click here. ( http://www.csufresno.edu/lcc ) 

Below are a few photos from last year's ceremony.

The symbol painted on this graduation cap in the photo below is predominantly found on Anti-Semitic and Anti-American hate sites La Voz De Aztlan, and The Autonomous Brown Berets. Click the highlighted links to be redirected to the corresponding sites.

No Aztlan graduation ceremony be complete without a mariachi band.

The radical goon on the right is Chicano Latino Studies Chair, Victor Torres. He is also the same Anti-American  that is the faculty advisor to the CSU Fresno hate publication ,La Voz De Aztlan. This is the same guy that signed off on allowing the infamously racist "America" poem by Luiz Sanchez to be published in the 
student newspaper cultural supplement

CSU Fresno's sellout leaders Dr. William Covino and President John Welty, whom both supported the DREAM ACT are pictured below.

La Voz De Aztlan's Student Editor, Moises Hernandez attempts to justify his publication with more lies. To view the article published in the CSU Fresno Collegian click HERE.

New Video Uploaded: Allie Norton with the FSU Collegian Interviews the Aztlan racist himself, Pedro Ramirez

Aztlan, and bias journalism gets exposed on the CSU Fresno Collegian. Read edited article here.
Read the COMPLETE unedited article as submitted to the Collegian here.

Ana Mendoza is the lead reporter the Collegian entrusted to cover the controversy at CSU Fresno during the Fall 2010 semester. Below is a photo of Ana Mendoza and the Brown Berets attending an occupation protest of Dr Oliaro's Student Affairs office on March 9th, 2010. Assuming Dr O wouldn't have the courage to utilize law enforcement officers with children present, Ana Mendoza dragged her own children out to the protest including her newborn baby as a way to dramatize her and the Brown Berets political position. In case students ever wondered why she refers to her beloved Brown Berets as "Chicano Activists" ... Your answer is found below.

Pedro Ramriez and DREAM ACT sympathy goes national again, this time on CNN. Read article here

Happy Cinco de Mayo
Aztlan Awarness & Latino Supremacy week is winding down at CSU Fresno. I have uploaded the last three issues of "La Voz De Aztlan", a student funded insert intended as a "cultural supplement" for the collegian. Supporters are encouraged to read the articles for yourself, particularly the Poem below titled, "America" by Luiz Sanchez found on the May 2nd issue. 

American students are subjected to American Hate on an American University funded by American taxpayers. 
Dr Welty has some explaining to do! 

Read and download the Collegian "cultural supplement(La Voz De Aztlan)" published 12/8/10 here.
Read and download the Collegian "cultural supplement(La Voz De Aztlan)" published 3/9/11 here.
Read and download the Collegian "cultural supplement(La Voz De Aztlan)" published 5/2/11 here.

New folder created titled "CSU de Aztlan... Exposed!" under investigation files here.

Below is a photo of an Aztlan Maricahi band, Santa Cruz invited by MEChA, an Aztlan based student club, 
to celebrate "Week of the Race" in the Student Union Courtyard at CSU Fresno.

Its official! Illegal aliens do have more rights than citizens and legal immigrants. In an effort to be politically correct, the ASI committee reviewing Pedro Ramirez for his code of conduct violations decided not to request a resignation or formal apology. The Fresno Bee proudly reports on their DREAM ACT POSTER BOY here.

Semana De la Raza begins, TRANSLATION- Aztlan Awareness and 
Latino Supremacy Appreciation week begins at CSU Fresno

Video Uploaded: Activism101, CSU Fresno Alumni Association Director Peter Robertson Gets Busted!

Reference the video above by reading Robertson's infamous e-mail by clicking here.

Good News! Dr Welty and Dr Oliaro agree to meet with me to discuss the controversy surrounding Pedro Ramirez and CSU Fresno campus issues.

New Video Uploaded: KMJ Radio Interview with Inga Barks

New Video Upload: Pedro Ramirez Attempts to Steal the Senate Seat from an American Student.

New FOIA's Uploaded!

Read FOIA #4 sumbitted to Dr Welty here.
Read CSU Fresno's response to FOIA #4 here.
Read FOIA #5 submitted to FUSD Superintendent Hanson here.
Read FOIA #6 submitted to Tulare Registrar of Voters Rita Woodard here.
Read FOIA #7 sumbitted to Raul Moreno & Dr Welty here.
Read CSU Fresno's response to FOIA #7 here.
Read FOIA #8 submitted to Tulare DA Phil Cline here.

TheRealPedro.com has reached 10,000 visitors!

Dr John Welty is scheduled to meet with 29th district assemblywoman Linda Halderman in the state capitol today. Staying two steps ahead of Pedro and Dr Welty and I have arranged for Dr Welty's grilling regarding his failure to address the controversy at CSU Fresno. Supporters are encouraged to send Linda Halderman's cheif of staff Eric Stein, an email using the following link eric.stein@asm.ca.gov

Demand that Dr Welty withdraw his support for Pedro Ramirez for the following reasons:

1. Anti-American hate statements made on his personal social networking site
2. Chronic lying and deception
3. Illegally registering to vote in Tulare County
4. Illegally registering voters for FCDCC
5. Illegally forming a political organization/PAC with the aid of CSU Fresno
6. Criminal behavior including driving without a license
7. Damaging private property (Jan 9th crash)
8. Utilizing student money for selfish gain and intentions (flying to Washington DC on student's money)
9. Excessive absences from ASI senate meetings (violation of ASi Bylaw 7.2)/ failing to represent students
10. Attempting illegally veto the senate appointment of an American student, Brandi Jacob's despite being given prior notification by ASI attorneys that he would be breaking the law vetoing her senate appointment.

Demand that Dr Welty address the following issues:

 1. The rise of Latino supremacy at CSU Fresno
2. Dr Welty's open endorsement of an anti-American MEChistA Reconquistador
3. Dr Welty & Dr Covino's intentional failure to meet and listen to a concerned student opposed to Pedro Ramirez
4. Dr Welty's failure to properly investigate the issues surrounding Pedro Ramirez prior to issuing endorsement
5. Solicitation of parking passes to illegal aliens who cannot lawfully operate a motor vehicle
6. The presence/open invitation to radical hate groups such as the Brown Berets and MEChA at university events
7. Utilizing the financial and human resources of a cash-strapped university for political purposes rather than CSU Fresno educational issues
8. Wasteful spending. Including the employment of 2 full-time PR officials
9. Constant negative controversy being created by his administrative decisions

On Wednesday March 9th the ASI senate voted to appoint an outstanding qualified American student, Brandi Jacobs, to a vacant social sciences position. Jacobs’ senate application was accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the ex-social sciences senator Patrick Simon, and a letter from the Dean of Social Sciences. Despite Brandi being clearly qualified and democratically elected to the position, Pedro Ramirez attempted to illegally veto her senate appointment. ASI attorneys informed Pedro that he would be violating the law by doing this, so fortunately Pedro failed in his feeble attempt to give Jacobs’ seat to her opponent (who’s an admitted MEChA member). Members of the audience included Bill Simon representing the ACLU. Mr. Simon did nothing to stand up for Brandi, yet the ACLU did stand up for someone here illegally when his supposed rights were being infringed. One would think that Pedro Ramirez would respect the rights of an American, yet instead he arrogantly tried to steal the rights of an American student so that he could do his MEChA friend a favor. Click here to see Pedro's VETO letter here.

MUST READ!!! The Fresno State's Collegian newspaper says, "Pedro Ramirez, We've had enough your humiliation serving as student body president at CSU Fresno!" Read article here.

ASI minutes show that Pedro Ramirez was absent from Jan 13th's ASI Senate meeting for roll call. (4 days after his accident) This makes a total of 4 absences from roll call. According to the ASI bylaws, the minutes demonstrate the Pedro Ramirez is not eligible to serve ELIGIBLE TO BE REMOVED (EDITED 3/29/11) due to his excessive absences as he is in violation of article 7.2(page 16 ASI bylaws). See the meeting minutes here

BREAKING UPDATE! As confirmed by ASI attorneys last month when responding to the ACLU threat of a pending lawsuit, Pedro Ramirez can be removed by the senate for excessive absences. A review of ASI Bylaw minutes show that Pedro Ramirez in in violation of article 7.2 discussing "Vacancies, Removals and Resignations" (page 16) found in CSU Fresno's ASI Bylaws. Pedro's 3 absenses are grounds for removal and demonstrate Pedro's lack of concern to represent the ASI student body. Please click here to see ASI meeting minutes role call.

New Video Upload: Will Pedro Ramirez be Removed from Office for Excessive Absences?

Pedro Ramirez's Conduct review to be held on Monday March 21st at 8pm in McLane Hall. Please be present to denounce Pedro Ramirez and demand his resignation. Read Fresno Bee Article here

As if having one Anti-American ASI Student body President at CSU Fresno is bad enough. Check out what ASI Presidential Candidate Cesar X. Sanchez had to say about the Pledge of Allegiance.

Even though the ASI cannot remove Pedro from his position, ASI HAS VOTED to carry forward with a review of his violations of code of conduct. The senate can make an official recommendation asking for his resignation.
The Lumberjack Questions & Answers with Pedro Ramirez by Kaci Poor READ ARTICLE HERE

Uploaded: Letter from Chief of Police Jerry Dyer stating... "Mr Ramirez was treated as any other CITIZEN" LINK
Letter from FBI stating "FBI has no authority to conduct investigation outside of jurisdiction" LINK
Letter from California State Bar Assoc: "Jessica Smith Bobadilla is NOT 
licensed to practice law in California..." LINK
ACLU Social networking pages demonstrate their association with Pedro from the beginning (May 2010) LINK

Uploaded: FOIA #2 Response from Dr Welty (will not comply)
Uploaded: Collegian Online Video Coverage (1/26/11)

The Collegian, RAMIREZ TAKES MORE HEAT AT ASI MEETING by Michael Kincheloe Read Article HERE
The Collegian, Letters to the Editor READ LETTERS HERE

Investigation UPDATE: CSU Fresno condones unlawful behavior by soliciting parking permits to illegal aliens who cannot legally operate motor vehicles. SEE PHOTOS BELOW

A photo taken the morning of Pedro's Jan 9th Crash (see CSU Fresno Parking Permit on ground) More of these photos can be found in the investigation files page.

This is a comparison between Pedro's parking permit found in the photo above and my CSUF parking pass. Pedro's suspect permit is identical to mine!

MAJOR UPDATE: ASI senate meeting held today at 4pm upstairs in the USU building
FOIA #3 Served to Dr. Welty
Uploaded: FOIA #3, Unseen Jan 9th Crash Photos (Viewer Discretion ADVISED)
Video Upload: A Patriot's Call to ACTION (Unseen Photos from the Jan 9th Crash)

TheRealPedro.com and the people of the United States need your help in bringing justice to Pedro Antonio Ramirez-Venegas. Write, email and or call District Attorney Elizabeth Egan requesting that Pedro Ramirez's violation of the law in failing to produce a valid CA Driver's license during his the investigation of his single vehicle wreck be prosecuted as a misdemeanor not a citation. Contact DA Egan and in your message to her include:

1) the Police report number: T/C 11-2090
2) the date of the violation: 1/9/11
3) Pedro Ramirez's full name: Pedro Antonio Ramirez-Venegas
4) and Pedro's birthdate: 10/5/88

Here is the Fresno DA's contact info:

District Attorney Elizabeth Egan
2220 South Tulare St., Ste 1000
Fresno, Ca 93721
Phone: (559) 600-3141

MORE LIES: This time of course by Dan Waterhouse and The Community Alliance READ THE ARTICLE HERE
Editorial column in the CSU Fresno Collegian. TheRealPedro.com Screams "RACISM" READ ARTICLE HERE

CSU Fresno finally complies and responds to FOIA REQUEST#1 providing some documents.
ALL SUPPORTERS are asked to help comb through the 160 pages emails uploaded in the investigation files section of the site. The folder can be located in Freedom of information act requests/EMAILS GALORE!!!
Another photo submitted by a supporter...

Uploaded: January 9th 2011 Crash Photos (Investigation Files)

Excellent article written by Michael Kincheloe in the Collegian Newspaper- READ THE ARTICLE HERE
Video Uploaded: The Truth Comes Crashing (A second look into the Jan 9th accident)

With the aid of Michael Thompson from CampusReform.org, The AMERICAN DEFENSE LEAGUE is NOW coming to Fresno State. (this campus club is NOT affiliated with any other ADL organizations)
The CSU Fresno AMERICAN DEFENSE LEAGUE's platforms will be to:
1. promote government transparency and accountability
2. advocate for US constitutional principals including:
a. Individual liberty
b. Second amendment rights
3. Denounce and counter ALL forms of racial supremacy
4. Promote legal immigration, residency, and citizenship
5. Promote American pride and patriotism
6. Provide internship and volunteer opportunities to students

Click here to visit the Cal State American Defense League Site

KMPH 26 Fox (1/3/11) - Serving Dr Welty and CSU Fresno FOIA/CPR requests
KFTV 21 Univision (1/4/11) - Serving Dr Welty and CSU Fresno FOIA/CPR requests (en Espanol)
KMPH 26 Fox (1/26/11) - Pedro Ramirez is REGISTERED TO VOTE and may Resign, ACLU
KFSN 30 ABC (1/26/11) - Pedro Ramirez May Resign, Gets Pressed for Answers.
Investigation into Crash(1/9/11) Continues...

Attended Biweekly ASI Meeting... ACLU threatens lawsuit, forces ASI student government to postpone Pedro Ramirez's review vote until ASI's legal council reviews options.

THIS JUST IN! Cyndee Fontana from the Fresno Bee, the left-slanted journalist that wrote the hit piece on TheRealPedro.com has abruptly RESIGNED! The Fresno Bee news desk has just confirmed that she had been a reporter there for more than 20 years.... This may have been due to her intentional misrepresentation of the news and facts as cited in our last press release. The bee has also failed to respond to my emails while the agency continues to shelter the facts about the controversy. Their last article mentions NOTHING about Pedro Ramirez (the alleged illegal alien) being registered to vote in Tulare county.
Fresno Bee - Fresno State Student Leader May Resign Due To Injury. READ ARTICLE HERE.

Serving Dr. Welty and CSU Fresno with Second FOIA/CPR request
FOIA/CPR #2 uploaded into download center
Broke the 5000 today!

Media Blitz Campaign #3 Launched
Tom Tancredo radio show interview released/uploaded on MUST SEE VIDEOS page
Voter registration files and archive uploaded to download center

live in-studio with Bill McEwen on KYNO at 12pm-1pm

A partnership has been established to ensure that the fight to restore government transparency, accountability, constitutional rule of law, and individual liberty continues at CSU Fresno. The students at Cal State Fresno will rise up to defend American Sovereignty and the dignity of the nation. More on this to follow.

Fresno Bee - Harsh Lights Hits Fresno State's Ramirez. READ ARTICLE HERE.
Taking a second look into the crash (investigation into the crash begins)
Just released! Michael Evans and the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee allow illegal aliens to operate voter registration drives. Enjoy!

Crashed an ASI emergency meeting today. Finally was able to get some uninterrupted words across without any Latino supremacists or goons to violate my first amendment rights. Met with Michael Thompson from CampusReform.org

Pedro has been caught lying, AGAIN. Pedro Ramirez is the driver in an accident early Sunday morning.
Fresno Bee - No Criminal Charges for Fresno State Student Leader. Read the entire story here. 
See the Fresno police report here.

Radio show interview with Tom Tancredo on tancredoradio.com
This image was submitted to us by a proud CSU Fresno student supporter.

Website is relaunched, Pages & Content added

Website and YouTube videos pulled for safety and security reasons

Fresno Bee Launches Hit Peice on TheRealPedro.com at 12am
Fresno Bee - Website attacks Fresno State Student Leader. READ ARTICLE HERE

Freedom Of Information Act Requests served to Dr. Welty, CSU Fresno & federal/ local govt agencies 
FOIA notice- Press Release issued
Fresno Bee - Critic of Fresno State Student Leader Takes Action. READ ARTICLE HERE

The Real Pedro & The State of Siege at CSU Fresno (YouTube Series), Part I  -Released 

Our media blitz campaign via KMJ (Radio Ad)

Open Letter to Pedro (Uploaded) 

Dream Act Failed 

This picture was submitted for your viewing pleasure by one of our proud web patriots & supporters

Recently uploaded on YouTube(12/10/10), 
We have reached 650 views in just 2 days!  Check out the video that started it all...

www.therealpedro.com goes live! 
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